Doing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult.  Let T J Enterprises do the job for you – accurately and efficiently.  Schedule your appointment by telephone or email.  We will process your information and answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

Tax preparation usually begins on the same day clients present their information and they are given the results before leaving the office.  Copies of their taxes returns are available to them within three days.  Clients tax returns are filed electronically and their tax refunds are deposited into their bank accounts, by the government, in 7 – 21 days if they are not delinquent on back taxes, student loans, child support, or parking tickets.  Some clients have received their federal refunds in seven days after they were e-filed.

For new clients, TJ Enterprises will review up to three most recently filed federal and state income tax returns at no charge.  In fact, for new clients we routinely ask to see at least the most recently filed federal and state returns.  We recommend preparation of an amended tax return if we can identify sufficient additional tax deduction  to warrant the expense (or if we determine there was unreported income or other tax items required to be reported)

The goal of T J Enterprises is to provide quality, professional and personalized tax service for both private and corporate clients.  T J Enterprises desires to create and maintain a reliable customer interface that demonstrates its commitment to timely solution delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

The owner of T J Enterprises has over 30 years of experience in tax preparation.

We are located at:

3461 Guilford Ave
Indianapolis, IN. 46205